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 Not leaving ...Just got a new job

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Not leaving ...Just got a new job  Empty
PostSubject: Not leaving ...Just got a new job    Not leaving ...Just got a new job  EmptyFri Mar 18, 2016 9:18 pm

Hey everyone while I wasn't on due to personal reasons and even though  i'm back  just not as much  as I want .Recently I have gained employment in a  movie theater in my hometown  it is a part time job so please be patient with  me . I am two  test away from  obtaining my GED as well and any projects  i  have opened are still going on just need to find time to do so. I'm still in love with this group also most of my music time went into my church choir and  doing some solos for my church but I am taking a break  at least from doing solos in my church for awhile,so I can get back into doing dubs and song videos again.

Not leaving ...Just got a new job  Tumblr_mz9yioFebf1s9qxv0o1_250 NightrainRoseNot leaving ...Just got a new job  6602231147_f5a7876f39_m
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Not leaving ...Just got a new job
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