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 Sky is the limit! ★ how to do?

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Sky is the limit! ★ how to do?  Empty
PostSubject: Sky is the limit! ★ how to do?    Sky is the limit! ★ how to do?  EmptyTue Nov 04, 2014 11:27 am

Here, you'll find the collaborations launched by the members. Do not hesitate to suggest ANYTHING. Songs, scenes to dub, multilanguages, MP3 sagas… anything!

    Does it have to be related to Disney?
    No! Do exactly what you want!

    How can I launch a collab?
    Let me explain with an example Smile

a whole new world ★

First, post the song/scene you want to do :

Then, post the instrumental of the song/scene. Some people are used to sing/dub with the original song/scene, so try to use the “exact” instrumental of your song/scene (time, pitch...). (For the example I did not check^^) If you know that there's a difference, say it ^^

Now, post the lyrics. Cut the lyrics in as many parts as you want, make sure they can be easily seen, by writing which part it is or by putting colors.

Write the name of the different parts there are so that when someone asks one part, you can put his/her name in order not to forget. When someone sends you his/her part, don't forget to write it so that admins know how the project progresses.
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3: Stellatsu OK!

If you want particular voices for particular parts (especially for dubs, we understand Jasmine can't have Scar's voice (but it could be funny)), don't forget to write it, describing what you want Smile If a lot of people want the same part, ask them to sing part of that part (!) so that you can chose which one you prefer Smile

When all the parts are taken, we admit everyone has 3 weeks to send his/her part. Do not forget to put the date in which the part is due, and the email address where we can send our part. Also, do not forget to ask the people to send their part to forumawnws@gmail.com , so that if you got a problem with your computer, with your email address, with I don't know why, we will have every part Smile

Do not hesitate to send a PM to the persons taking part in your project to tell them they have 3 weeks left, and a reminder if you don't have anything at the beginning of the third week Smile

If you need help to mix or to edit the video, say it! Some kind people will certainly help you Smile

I think you now know everything. I WANT THIS PART OF THE FORUM TO BE FULL OF COLLABS! GO!
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Sky is the limit! ★ how to do?
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