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 What do you want to sing ?

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What do you want to sing ? Empty
PostSubject: What do you want to sing ?   What do you want to sing ? EmptyTue Nov 11, 2014 12:25 pm

Hey everyone:) we're quite "a lot" now (and I'm very happy about it!), so I'd like to start Forum collaboration.

    What is a forum collaboration?
    It's a chorus. A song where no one has a more important part than others. Just a choir where we can give chills to people.

    How does it work?
    Like a normal collab, I launch the project, you tell me if you want to take part in or not, and there's a deadline. As it's a choir, if someone's missing, we don't have to wait for him/her and we can post at the deadline (except if we really don't have a lot of people but generally it's ok).
    That also means that new people have always a place in these collaborations!

Now that you know what Forum Collaboration means, the question is : What would you like to sing? It has to be an English Disney song. It can be a solo in the original version, and we make a choir of it.

Suggest anything!!

What we've already done :
- A dream is a wish your heart makes (due to 21st of December)

Suggestions :
- You can fly (Peter Pan)
- Circle of life (the Lion King)
- Love is a song (Bambi)
- Beauty and the Beast
- Steady as a beating drum (Pocahontas)

- Believe (Josh Groban)
- You raise me up (Josh Groban or Celtic Woman)
- The Prayer (Josh Groban)

- Let it Defy Gravity
- Let it go/Let her go (Sam Tsui)

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What do you want to sing ?
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