A forum in which we aim to gather people from all over the world to sing, dub, play and discuss about Disney and Non-Disneys movies!
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 Lost? ★ Visit the Studios!

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Lost? ★ Visit the Studios!  Empty
PostSubject: Lost? ★ Visit the Studios!    Lost? ★ Visit the Studios!  EmptyTue Nov 04, 2014 10:01 pm

Follow the white rabbit ★

Hey everyone, welcome to A Whole New World Studios!!! My name is Stella, I'm your admin and I will be your guide through the forum (don't forget the tips at the end =P)

Okay, to explain why I created this forum I have to tell you about my life (nooo, it won't be boring!! >o<)
Two years ago someone asked me to be in charge of a community of French singers and fandubbers. At the beginning we were 3. And now, 2 years after, we're 130. I know it doesn't seem a lot but I know all of them. They've become more than just persons to sing with: they're my friends. We're speaking about everything and it's one of the best experience of my life. That is the reason why I created this forum. For you to join such a community. And to enjoy. So what is what you'll find on the forum and what you can do.

    read the rules. There are only 3, so be sure to follow them Wink

    Introduce yourself! Use the model here to help you, or create yours!

    Visit the forum!

    Look at our project. You'll find the collaborations launched by the members. Do not hesitate to suggest ANYTHING. Songs, scenes to dub, multilanguages, MP3 sagas… anything! Does it have to be related to Disney? No! Do what you want!

    You'll also find here Forum Collaboration. They'll be special as they'll be choirs, and everyone should take part in, to make it totally awesoooome! (please!)

    What's in your world? Post your songs, dubs, but also drawings, videos, texts, everything you want! Share with us what you like doing most. Smile

    We all need help ! To find a mic or some instrumentals, to use audacity, AVS or Vegas, to have a beautiful kit... Ask what you need here Smile

    Show us what you're made of! We're going to launch some contests, singing, dubbing, editing, you'll have to be the best! There's not a lot to win, but you'll be proud of you. Smile

    Create some games, speak about movies, series, music, politics if your want (but it's strongly not recommended!), you're absolutely free! But do not forget to respect the rules Wink
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Lost? ★ Visit the Studios!
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