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 Fandub contest!

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Rosie Starlight

Rosie Starlight

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Fandub contest! Empty
PostSubject: Fandub contest!   Fandub contest! EmptyWed Dec 10, 2014 2:45 pm

Hi everyone! I am hosting a Fandub contest and I want to see your best fandubs! They can be old or new it's up to you. Very Happy If you don't know what a fandub is well it's when you voiceover the character and lip sync them so instead of say Indina Menzel's voice in let it go it would be mine instead. Please join! There are a few rules below though.

* No coarse language (swearing) please! Just say what the character says. Very Happy 
* There will be a deadline to have your fandub done. Please have it done by then if not then please ask for an extension and I'll happily do that for you. Very Happy
*Fill out a form that I will have below the rules. 
*You are allowed to fandub as many characters as you want but please only one scene
* Please upload your part to youtube (if not then I will PM you my email or you can send by mediafire)
*Please write "I want to enter your fandub comp Rosie Starlight!" in the rule password section of form
*Have fun!


Send part by?:
Rule password: 
any questions?:

Username: Rosie Starlight
Movie: Frozen
Scene/Song: For The First Time in Forever {reprise}
Character(s): Anna & Elsa
Send part by?: Youtube
Rule Password: I am not saying
any questions: Can I enter more than once?
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Frozen Heart ❆

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Fandub contest! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fandub contest!   Fandub contest! EmptyWed Dec 10, 2014 5:38 pm

How will you "note" ? You'll chose your favorite or you'll have a kind of notation for example like "pronunciation", "voice fitting the character" ...?
(don't forget to introduce yourself;)

Fandub contest! 175031uECBPf4
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Fandub contest!
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