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 [VIDEO EDITING] Non/Disney Crack Project! :D

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Rosie Starlight


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PostSubject: [VIDEO EDITING] Non/Disney Crack Project! :D   Mon Mar 02, 2015 12:06 pm

So yeah I haven't been on here for a while :/ But I'm back! 

Anyone wanna do some Non/Disney cracks together? 
I will be picking 4 other editors to do this with me! This is how it works! Very Happy

- Firstly you make 1 minute's worth of cracks of 1 or many of your favourite Non/Disney Movies! 

- Then you all send me your crack parts and I'll render them together in one big project Very Happy

Sound good? Interested? Tell me in the comments! Very Happy

Rosie Starlight
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[VIDEO EDITING] Non/Disney Crack Project! :D
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